Useful android apps

Why do not put some Apps in it that will help you use the device in a more effective and efficient way. Following are some applications you may did not know about or might thought of downloading later but forgot. Here is the list of most useful apps you can have in your Android phone, download these apps you feel you need.

Free all software download sites

Sep 13, 2019 · Softonic is one of the most popular free software download sites. It has over 160.000 freeware and trial version software titles distributed through specific channels specially designed for Windows, Mac, Linux, and smartphones. 6.

Live streaming premier league games

Aug 23, 2011 · Find out the best places online for EPL live streaming and enjoy the best of the English premier league. Watch football from the

Google will not search

Mar 06, 2012 · To really master the art of Google search, you can follow certain terms and tricks.For instance, rather than simply asking Google a question in the search box, include specific items such as type

Check dns windows

Mar 25, 2018 · Check your domain IP address and Name Server records DNS like CNAME, MX, A, TXT, and other records using command prompt CMD in windows OS. An Article to check Domain Name Server (DNS) records of any website or blog without login into host account.

R show proxy

2020-1-11 · I am thinking this disappointing result might be because I am behind corporate proxy. How can I pass the http proxy to selenium browser? Thank you. r selenium proxy http-proxy. share | improve Can you please add verbose=TRUE to rsDriver and attach the log somewhere OR start the standalone server and show the output when this happens

Pptp vs openvpn speed

Dec 01, 2014 · OpenVPN vs PPTP Difference between OpenVPN and PPTP is very important to know topic when it comes to Virtual Private Networks. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a technique that is used to expand a private network over a public network such as Internet.

How to get free wifi on your xbox 360

FREE Wi-Fi Connection for your Xbox 360 Plug ethernet cable into computer and the other side into your Xbox 360. 7. VOILA! I had already purchased the Wireless Wifi thingy by then. I think

Stelouse denver

Oct 21, 2016 · Denver’s Ross Ryan, aka StéLouse just dropped an epic new electronic track titled “It’s Over” with the help of post-punk vocalist Andrew Paley.

Soft ether

Softether Smart multi-homed name resolution that results in DNS leak has been turned off by gpedit. Currently the only work out is to manually set local DNS server as an invalid one, such as localhost, so that there will be only remote DNS server available.

Download torrent bit

BitTorrent is a tool for downloading and sharing files. It enables users to connect to the network of the same name to download and upload torrents. The software works through a peer to peer network. You can search the internet for files using the built-in search engine, and check their progress as they download.