Choose Cancel Subscription. Apple TV (4th gen and later) On your Apple TV, go to Settings. Select Users & Accounts, then select your account. Select Subscriptions. Select HBO NOW, and then Cancel Subscription. Computer or other device. To find out how to cancel, go to Apple's cancellation steps and then choose Mac or Other device.

Visit “My Account,” then click on “Subscription.” Expand the Summary section, then click on "Cancel." This will allow you to cancel your subscription. On the Funimation iOS App (iTunes) If you have purchased your Funimation subscription using iTunes, you may cancel by doing the following: On your device's home screen, tap “Settings.” How to Cancel Your Apple TV+ Subscription on Any Device Nov 08, 2019 How do I cancel my ESPN+ subscription through Apple iTunes Open iTunes on your computer. Click Account from the top navigation and select View My Account. (Sign in with your Apple ID if not already logged in) On the Account Information page, scroll all the way to the Settings section at the bottom. Find Subscriptions and click Manage to its right. Find your ESPN+ Subscription and click Edit.

Apr 08, 2020

How can I cancel my Epic membership? – Epic Help Center Due to Apple’s iTunes account management and user privacy policies, our Support team is unable to cancel your subscription or provide refunds for subscriptions purchased through iTunes. Please note that in many cases, we have found the Epic sign-in email address is different than the Apple ID that is used for billing when subscribing through How do I cancel my subscription purchased through Apple's Cancel or Manage my Lifetime Movie Club Subscription on Apple's App Store If you do not see an active Lifetime Movie Club subscription listed in your App Store account, please make sure you are signed in with the Apple ID you used to sign up.

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Simple Ways to Cancel an iTunes Subscription on PC or Mac Open iTunes on your computer. The iTunes icon looks like a musical note on a white button. You … Apple Inc. Apple Inc. I purchased my membership via iTunes. How do I manage or Acorn TV does not have access to your iTunes account. To access your iTunes account on a computer: Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC. Sign in from the iTunes menu, and enter your Apple ID and password when prompted (the same Apple ID you had used to purchase your Acorn TV subscription). Choose Store > View My Account. How to cancel your Microsoft subscription