Digital Panopticon: Why Privacy is a Human Right

How the Push to Make Data Privacy a Human Right Will Oct 22, 2018 The Human Right to Privacy in the Digital Age | American The international human rights community has begun the process of responding to the erosion of privacy rights that new technologies have facilitated. This report recommends that the U.N. Human Rights Committee assist in this process by issuing a new General Comment on the right to privacy … How governments use Big Data to violate human rights Jan 13, 2019

May 08, 2018

Rights of privacy | Britannica Rights of privacy, in U.S. law, an amalgam of principles embodied in the federal Constitution or recognized by courts or lawmaking bodies concerning what Louis Brandeis, citing Judge Thomas Cooley, described in an 1890 paper (cowritten with Samuel D. Warren) as “the right to be let alone.” The right of privacy is a legal concept in both the law of torts and U.S. constitutional law. - Right To Privacy As A Human Right - - Free Essay Samples

We respect local privacy laws and fight for the protection of users' privacy as a fundamental human right. Transparency. We're transparent about data collection and use so users can make informed decisions. No content-based targeting. We don't use email, chat, files, or other personal content to target ads.

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